Jelena Pavlovic
I am an artist who sometimes tries to paint with words. In resent years, as I am getting older, I turned to writing. The connection between the words and the visual aspect of art made me see that I could simply continue to communicate my ideas in all possible ways. Art is a communication. An artist is a messenger. And just as the concept of time is unmeasurable, so is the artistic expression. I do not believe  in any type of boundaries, separations in the ways one expresses oneself, or limitations placed by whatever authorities there might be, in art, or in life in general. I am convinced that without a complete freedom, there is no existence. I made an exception by attending Indiana State University, majoring in art with an emphasis in print-making, and in a way succumbed to a tradition of walking along the academic path that an educated person was supposed to endure.
I am concerned  about people and life in general. We are not what we see, but what we are. This hidden part of us is often guarded in all possible ways. I saw this " fence" around people who were very close to me and often around children with whom I worked at schools.  Children have ability to forget, for at least a moment, while playing or quickly changing from one activity to the other. The grownups, on the other hand, while "holding their own child-self that never grew up", forgot how to "heal" themselves in a typical child's manner. The child in us has to be helped.
We can help "the child" through art. It is a long, painful process which probably doesn't always work. But, fueled with love, through visual art, music, developing of tactile sense at first, through development of other sensorial abilities, the child might attempt to "release him/herself. I am an "adult child of alcoholics" and I know that healing lasts forever.
As an artist, I am a protagonist and not an observer. I feel strongly about the positive impact that art has on the human psyche when it is under utmost pressure. The dire circumstances of life which at some point we all endure, create the need for a different approach to resolving the issues. Through my work at Charles Ellis Montessori Academy, I met many troubled, hurt and from-parental love-deprived-children who convinced me that I must find the way to cross the boundaries of yet another care giver within an institution - the school and just take my time, listen, talk and help through the best thing I can do - visual art.
It all started after it became clear that the beginnings were running late
and that she was plunging into the finale. She could have relaxed and just
slid down, but the voice from within just reminded her:
Hey, you fool, where are you heading to?
What do you think? . . . toward my very own abyss.
Wait a minute!  This one is not for you!
Her head played a movie, more like a cartoon: She speeded up, the film was
playing her backwards. She didn't know from where to start. It mast begin
- Jelena Pavlovic -